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State badminton talents to get financial boost (pic)

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Published: 31 December 2013
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KUALA LUMPUR: The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) will invest RM1,000 a month on every potential player earmarked by them at state level.

The BAM decided to take the step in an attempt to find new talents, especially in the men’s singles department. World No. 1 Lee Chong Wei is the only singles player producing results at international level for the national body.The Badminton Association of Malaysia will provide RM1,000 to state players identified by the state BA in a bid to nurture their talent.

David Wee, the BAM talent search chief, David Wee said the exco had approved the funding.

“The BAM cannot cater to all the players. I have 10 people in my committee, including some national coaches, and they will help to identify the talents in the states,” said David, who is also the president of the BA of Negri Sembilan

“Every potential player will be given RM1,000 a month and monitored under our programme.”

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Venue not fit to hold badminton tournament (pic)

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Published: 31 December 2013
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PUTRAJAYA: National singles shuttler Chong Wei Feng won his opening group match in the Maybank National Grand Prix Finals at Precinct 11 Sports Complex here on Friday but he was not jumping in joy.

He felt that the new venue was not an ideal place to host the tournament.National singles shuttler, Chong Wei Feng said the air-conditioning in the sports hall is affecting the players' game in the on-going National Grand Prix Finals in Putrajaya.

“I can’t help but feel disappointed. The venue is not conducive for a big event like this. Can you imagine that the cool air from the air-conditioners was aimed directly at us from above. It affected the flow of the shuttle,” said Wei Feng after beating R. Satheishtharan 25-27, 21-12, 21-8 in his first Group A match.

“The quality of the match is affected. I hope that the hosts will, at least, switch off the air conditioner for the next few days.

“The hall can hardly fit three courts. My team-mate Iskandar (Zulkarnain Zainuddin)’s court was so close to the wall that it affected his play. This is the national championships and I wished it would have been held at a bigger place.

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Interview with India's badminton star PV Sindhu: I would like to finish among the top six in 2014 (pic)

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Published: 30 December 2013
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Only 18, PV Sindhu is pushing the envelope like no teenage badminton player had done before in the history of women’s badminton in India. After a sensational year both on and off the court, the teenager is busy preparing for another action packed season.PV Sindhu

Sindhu shall kickoff 2014, traveling to Kuala Lumpur for the Maybank Malaysia Open that starts on Sankranti day. Soon as she is back in India, Lucknow beckons as the Syed Modi Indian Open is scheduled for the week immediately after the event in Malaysia.

Here are some excerpts from the conversation with Sindhu -

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Wei Feng gets it right second time around (pic)

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Published: 30 December 2013
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PUTRAJAYA: It came a year late but Chong Wei Feng was still over the moon after emerging as the national men’s singles champion for the first time.

On Monday, the 26-year-old Wei Feng went on the attack from the start to beat former international Tan Chun Seang 21-14, 21-9 in the final of the National Grand Prix Finals at the Precinct 11 Sports Complex. Newly crowned National Grand Prix Finals men's singles champion, Chong Wei Feng (right), showing off the mock cheque for RM7,000. He beat Tan Chun Seang in the final in Putrajaya on Monday.

“I should have won it last year when (Lee) Chong Wei skipped the local tournament. Instead, I lost to Misbun Ramdan (Misbun) in the final,” said Wei Feng.

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Peng Soon: Show us the money (pic)

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Published: 30 December 2013
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PUTRAJAYA: Chan Peng Soon had two reasons to be upset on Monday.

First, he was unhappy with the prize money given to the mixed doubles winners in the National Grand Prix Finals at the Precinct 11 Sports Complex.

Peng Soon and his scratch partner Lai Pei Jing received only RM1,600 each after winning the title. Mixed doubles player, Chan Peng Soon (right), seen here with partner Lai Pei Jing after winning the National Grand Prix Finals title on Monday in Putrajaya, is unhappy with the prize money distribution at the meet. The mixed doubles champions get the least amount at only RM1,600 each.

They were declared winners after their opponents Ong Jian Guo-Lim Yin Loo conceded a walkover following Jian Guo’s back injury.

Peng Soon said the prize distribution was unfair and hoped the organisers would review it and alleviate the status of the National GP Finals.

The men’s doubles champions took home RM11,000 (RM5,500 each) while the women’s doubles received RM4,800 (RM2,400 each). The men’s singles winner collected RM7,000 while the women’s singles champion was given RM4,000.

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