Pei Tty-Eei Hui must scale Great Wall for title


WO M E N ’S doubles Wong Pei Tty Chin Eei Hui will face serious threats from China’s leading pairs in their bid to capture the All England title but national doubles coach Rexy Mainaky views it as an ideal situation to cement their reputation as a world class pair.

Pei Tty-Eei Hui, theWorld No 2, are expected to meet China’s No 4 Pan Pan-Tian Qing in the second round, followed by Zhao Tingting- Zhang Yawen in the quarter-finals and Olympic champions Du Jing-Yu Yang, the World No 6, in the semis.

This is the toughest draw any pair could have asked for but Rexy said it is better to overcome such tough matches early and, if the Malaysians survive, it would raise their self-belief and more success will follow.

Pei Tty, 28, and Eei Hui, 27, have beaten all three pairs before but Du Jing-Yu Yang have a 4-1 record and the odds will be against the Malaysians in Birmingham on March 3-8.

“It is a good test for Pei Tty-Eei Hui as they must beat three China pairs to reach the final.

“This is unavoidable as they will have to beat these pairs if they want to become champions,” said Rexy.

“At their age, Pei Tty-Eei Hui cannot improve on their skills that much and all they need to do is maintain their physical condition and avoid injuries.

“Confidence is going to be the key if they want to beat China pair s.

“They have beaten them before but it must be achieved on a regular basis. Beating them in an important tournament like the All England will raise their self-confidence.

“If they can be successful in the All England, we will witness Pei Tty-Eei Hui securing more titles and establishing themselves as a truly world class pair.” Pei Tty-Eei Hui’s best effort in the All England was a semi-final spot in 2007 and they need to produce something spectacular again to better the achievement.

Rexy’s optimism is based on the fact that Pei Tty-Ei Hui, despite being on the receiving end on most occasions, don’t really fear playing China’s pairs.

Should they turn the form book upside down and advance to the final, Pei Tty-Eei Hui could meet South Koreans Lee Kyung Won- Lee Hyo Jung for the title.

That will be a totally new ball game for Pei Tty-Eei Hui who have never beaten the Koreans before and Rexy may have a crucial role to play should his charges go all the way.


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