Viktor Axelsen’s sponsorship deals are worth millions

Viktor Axelsen is one of the most valuable brands in badminton. (photo: AP)
Viktor Axelsen is one of the most valuable brands in badminton. (photo: AP)

Copenhagen: Reigning world champion Viktor Axelsen has gradually become one of the world’s most powerful and valuable brands.

The Denmark badminton superstar has a brand value of several millions a year, the amount by which his endorsement income exceeds the prize money he earned through the tournament.

Henrik Axelsen, Viktor Axelsen’s father is currently his manager and is taking care of his son’s sponsorship agreements.

“My father means a lot to me for my commercial success. He takes a huge load from me, and he manages everything in our best interest. We also have some good people around us and some good partners who can help us,” explained Axelsen to the Danish media.

“To me, the most important thing is I am able to focus on my badminton career, and so far, it has worked our really well,” added Axelsen.

After winning the World Champion, Axelsen’s brand value has increased dramatically, and Henrik Axelsen has asked his son to continue to show good fighting spirit until end of this year.

So far, there are some clothing companies that are trying to have Axelsen endorse their brands. Henrik Axelsen said his son now receives millions to endorse a particular shirt. Furthermore, Viktor Axelsen’s global brand appeal especially when he can take advantage of his proficiency in the Chinese language to attract huge interest from all over Asia.



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