Apacs confirm match-fixing players are under their sponsorship

The badminton community should kind of know who those two players are by now.
The badminton community should kind of know who those two players are by now.

Kuala Lumpur: The Sports equipment company, Apacs has confirmed that two professional badminton players who have been provisionally suspended by the World Badminton Federation (BWF) for match-fixing are sponsored by them.
Apacs Malaysia manager Jabbery Lim told Malaysian media that they were informed about the matter but would only take necessary action after the verdict from Badminton World Federation (BWF).

Both players involved will attend a hearing session in front of a BWF panel on 26th and 27th of February in Singapore.

“We already know about this, but we would let BWF finish their investigation first. We will take further action after BWF’s decision,” said Lim.

“For now, they are still players sponsored by Apacs,” added Lim.

Although Lim didn’t reveal the names of the players involved, but it has been known that among the Malaysian professional players who have been sponsored by Apacs are former 2011 world champion Zulfadli Zulkiffli, Tan Chun Seang, Lim Khim Wah and Nur Azryn Ayub.

Lim told Malaysian media that it is possible that they will terminate the sponsorship with these two players should they be found guilty.

“If they are banned for life and can no longer play badminton, then we may end the sponsorship. This is because they can no longer promote our brand at international level,” said Lim, who also said the players’ contract run until the end of 2018.

Malaysia’s NSTP Sports revealed in an exclusive reporting on Tuesday that an independent Malaysian player is being investigated by BWF for match-fixing activities. The next day, the Badminton Association of Malaysia has confirmed that not one, but two players have been provisionally suspended by BWF last month and barred from tournaments until the investigation is completed.

This is the first-time Malaysian players have been implicated in a BWF investigation into match-fixing.

Any player found guilty of fixing matches will face a life ban from BWF.


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