Malaysia Open – Rexy’s tears expose strained relations with BAM


NATIONAL doubles chief coach Rexy Mainaky vent out his frustration and exposed a strain in his relationship with the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) after breaking down in tears following the sensational win of Koo Kien Keat-Tan Boon Heong in the Malaysian Open yesterday.

He hugged Kien Keat for a long time on court after the victory and at the press conference later, he broke down.

Although he did not state exactly the reason behind his outburst, it was obvious that Rexy was defending his credibility as the country’s doubles chief coach.

He felt that someone from the BAM had undermined his coaching function.

Between sobs, he said: “No one knows the importance of this win. People do not believe in me. I have given my best to the country as a coach.

“I will sit down and talk about this with the BAM management. I want to know whether they still believe in me or not. I will leave it all up to them.

“I am happy to stay in Malaysia and coach the national team. No one knows how much I want to see an Olympic champion from Malaysia.

“Our men’s doubles players have always struggled playing in this stadium (Putra Stadium, Bukit Jalil) but today they won.”

Kien Keat-Boon Heong had failed to win the world title at the same venue two years ago.

Rexy also defended his move to delegate the job among his coaching staff.

Currently, Rosman Razak has been put in charge of the elite team and followed by Pang Cheh Chang (back-up), Chang Kim Wai (women’s doubles) and Jeremy Gan (mixed doubles).

“As the chief, I have to oversee everything. Rosman and Pang have the ability to coach and I trust them. I still help and coach the players in every department. I am still in control,” he said.

When asked what triggered his outburst, Rexy said: “I hear talk and rumours.”

He, however, denied that the rumours were related to BAM’s decision to appoint Tan Kim Her as a national coach or whether it was about BAM’s plan to remove him.

“I have nothing against the decision of bringing in Kim Her. Please do not get me wrong here,” he added.

This probably is the third big outburst by Rexy since he was appointed by the BAM in 2005. He dropped a bombshell by deciding to quit after the team event at the 2006 Doha Asian Games and pulled off a similar stunt when the players failed at the 2008 Malaysian Open. But on both occasions, he changed his mind.


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