French Open Super Series: Hu Yun stuns Peter Hoeg Gade in Men’s Singles round-of-16


French Open Super Series: Hu Yun stuns Peter Hoeg Gade in Men’s Singles round-of-16

Hong Kong’s talented shuttler Hu Yun has delivered stunning performance as he defeated the higher ranked Peter Hoeg Gade of Denmark in the Men’s Singles round-of-16 in the 2011 Denmark Open Super Series, in Paris, on Thursday, October 27.

Yun, who is World Number 26, played to his full potential and registered a wonderful win over the World Number Four Peter Gade. The Danish is considered as one of the best shuttlers of all times but failed to dominate the Hong Kong shuttler in the pre-quarter-final battle.

In the opening game, Yun put up surprising show of quality play and won the set with a narrow difference. In the second game, the Danish veteran won the game with the similar tight margin. In the third game, the Hong Kong shuttler showed his skills and won the game with a reasonable margin to stamp victory over the higher ranked Danish player.

Right from the start of the first set, both shuttlers remained close until the break. Peter Gade failed to create any gap as his rival was playing with passion. Yun kept the pace of the game at the highest level and made his opponent work hard for earning every single point.

After the break, the Hong Kong shuttler continued his impressive game and remained close to his challenger until the ending points. Peter Gade failed to control the rallies in the end against the spirited Yun, who finished up the set with a 21-19 score.

In the second game, the speed and quality of the game remained the same as both men remained close until the score reached at the ending stage of the set. This time Yun made a mistake and paid the price in the form of second set as he lost it with a margin of 19-21.

In the deciding game, Yun put everything in the game to take a lead and remained successful in managing it in the second half. His impressive smashes destroyed the defence of the Danish and earned him win with a margin of 21-17. The overall score of this 70-minute battle was 21-19, 19-21 and 21-17.


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