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Kenichi Tago stuns Taufik Hidayat to finds a perfect start in Group B of BWF Super Series Finals (pic)

Category: Badminton News Published: 15 December 2011
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Japan’s right-handed shuttler, Kenichi Tago, finds a wonderful start as he has defeated higher ranked Taufik Hidayat of Indonesia in his first match in Group B in the 2011 BWF Super Series Finals, on Wednesday, December 14, in China.

The World Number 12 Tago put up superb show of top class badminton and emerged as the winner in a fabulous fight of three games against Taufik, who is the former World and Olympic Champion and current World Number 11 in the Men’s Singles world rankings. The Japanese took three sets of 61 minutes to stamp his supremacy over the Indonesian.Kenichi Tago stuns Taufik Hidayat to finds a perfect start in Group B of BWF Super Series Finals

The first set was tough as both shuttlers played fast game and it was Taufik who won it with a close margin. Nevertheless, Tago fought back in the second set of the match and took it with a similar narrow margin. The final set was completely one-sided when the Japanese showed no respect to his challenger and won it with an incredible difference.

It was a clash of two elite shuttlers who have an extensive experience of international badminton. The opening game progressed closely as both men played fast and positive game in the opening half. Taufik was ahead until the one-minute break in the first set.

After the break, Tago worked hard and managed to level the score. However, in the concluding phase, he failed to play well and lost the game with a 19-21 score.

In the following set, Taufik was leading the game with a wonderful control in the first half and reached at 11-6. However, Tago showed surprising progress as he lifted up his level of play and levelled the score by reaching at 14-14. His elevated game ended the domination of Taufik in the match and took the second set with a margin of 21-19.

In the final game, the Japanese surprised the local crowd by playing flawless badminton as he took seven straight points by reaching at 7-0. Until the break, Tago was flying far ahead at 11-3. Taufik failed to return the powerful smashes of his opponent in the whole game.

Tago finished the third game with a stunning 21-7 score on the board. The Japanese won this interesting three-set fight by taking 61 minutes with a 19-21, 21-19 and 21-7 score on the board.



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