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Jorgensen all the stronger after setbacks (pic)

Category: Badminton News Published: 20 May 2012
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THE turbulent six months in 2011 threatened to end Jan Jorgensen's international career but the Danish shuttler has emerged stronger than ever and has also secured a place in the London Olympics.

The trouble started when Jorgensen suffered a hamstring injury which caused him to miss the World Championships in London last August. This was followed by the death of his mother a few weeks later.Jan Jorgensen has overcome several personal setbacks to earn a spot at the Olympics.  Read more: Jorgensen all the stronger after setbacks - Badminton - New Straits Times

Jorgensen, 25, was just recovering from the setbacks when he was dealt another blow when he was diagnosed with heart problems during the Denmark Open in October and there was concern about his life.

But the gritty Jorgensen not only overcame his heart problems but also made a strong comeback to earn Denmark's second slot in the Olympics behind veteran Peter Gade Christensen after maintaining a top 16 ranking at No 13.

Now he is aiming to make another important contribution by helping Denmark in the singles to beat Malaysia in the Thomas Cup Group C match tomorrow.

"That was the hardest period in my life where I suffered a hamstring injury, my mum passed away and suffered a heart problem. But now it feels so good to have qualified for the Olympics after all these setbacks," said Jorgensen.

"Having overcome all that and earning a chance to play in the Olympics was great for me as a person.

"I have shown I can beat some of the top players but it is going to be tough in London. I want to earn some good results there but before that I want to do well in the Thomas Cup.

"The Thomas Cup is such a special tournament for me as I won one of my greatest matches against Wong Choong Hann in Kuala Lumpur two years ago although it was on a losing cause.

"We have a good chance of beating Malaysia and if we win, we won't collide with China or South Korea."

Jorgensen added: "I played Liew Daren in a junior tournament but that was six years ago while I have not met Hafiz (Hashim) yet but I am looking forward to a win."

Jorgensen is not a newcomer to hardships and his fighting qualities will be crucial if Denmark want to secure a win over Malaysia.



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