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Thomas Cup Finals 2012: Lee Hyun Il overpowers Peter Hoeg Gade in an epic battle (pic)

Category: Badminton News Published: 25 May 2012
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Korea’s veteran shuttler Lee Hyun Il put up thrilling show of top class badminton as he overpowered Denmark’s Peter Hoeg Gade at the Thomas Cup Finals 2012 in China, on Friday, May 25.

The in-form Lee Hyun, who is currently World Number 7, played to his maximum potential and overpowered his higher ranked Danish shuttler Peter Gade who has been placed at number 5 in the Men’s Singles rankings.

The Korean played remarkable badminton against his experienced Danish rival and won the battle in a hard-fought three-set games while working for 64 minutes in the court.Thomas Cup Finals 2012: Lee Hyun Il overpowers Peter Hoeg Gade in an epic battle

On the other hand, Peter Gade played with precision in the opening game but failed to live up to expectations in the following sets and lost the battle with a comfortable margin on the board.

In the opening game, both shuttlers put up remarkable show by displaying their top class skills and remained close until the mid-game interval.

After the 60-second break, Lee Hyun could not live up to expectations as he tried his best to level the score but failed to prove his skills and lost the set with a 17-21 score on the board.

In the second set, Lee Hyun surprised the crowd by playing tremendous badminton and occupied the driving seat while remaining focused in the game.

Until the mid-game break, the Korean was sailing far ahead of his Danish rival by reaching at 11-5.

After the one-minute break, the Korean continued his sensational performance while remaining focused in the court and secured the set with a superb 21-14 score on the board.

In the deciding set, both shuttlers put up attacking badminton and remained neck-to-neck until 7-7 when Lee Hyun showed his class and took a reasonable lead of 11-8 score on the board.

After the one-minute break, Lee Hyun continued showing his tremendous skills while remaining dominant in the court. He was moving far ahead on the board and took the final set with a stunning 21-10 score on the board.

Lee Hyun won this sensational battle in 64 minutes with an entertaining margin of 17-21, 21-14 and 21-10.



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