Rexy finds the perfect formula


AS far as Rexy Mainaky is concerned, an effective system with the right blend of coaches is very crucial in turning a nation into a world powerhouse and the former Olympic champion is grateful that Indonesia is blessed with such a set-up at the moment.

Indonesia’s pride took a severe beating in last year’s London Olympics when they returned without a medal.

However, the silver lining was that it resulted in former players closing ranks while the management of the Indonesia BA (PBSI)  was shaken up with the country’s finance minister Gita Wirjawan, only 48, taking over as the president.

Rexy said the new structure is highly  professional and  gives the administrators and coaches a free hand.

The former doubles ace, as the high performance director, has the  power to hire and fire.  Among Gita’s first tasks was replacing  coaching legend Christian Hadinata with  Rexy’s former partner Ricky Subagja. Christian is now an adviser.

Lius Pongoh is in charge of the tournament scheduling of players while former women’s singles player Yuni Kartika has taken over as public relations officer from Ricky.

Rexy said proposals to send players abroad go to Ricky but the former has the final say  based on their targets and action is also taken if they fail to deliver.

“The system is very crucial for the development of any country and this and possibly finance are  the main reasons Indonesia has been struggling although we have a lot of talents,” said Rexy.

“The challenge is how to manage these talents and I am so pleased to have such a solid system in place now. This is an excellent structure and the president has given us full authority to make Indonesia rise as a world power to rival China.

“We have former internationals from my era returning to coaching jobs and they have been doing a fantastic job.

“As high performance director, I have full authority on deciding who plays abroad and what are their short term and long term targets.

“If the coaches set the second or third rounds or even quarter-finals for certain players or pairs, I reject.

“We have short term goals like winning the World Championships and gold in the Asian Games in Incheon next year but the ultimate target is to win Olympic gold in 2016.

“We don’t have a big national squad. In fact, there are only two men’s doubles (Hendra Setiawan-Mohammad Ahsan and Ryan Agung Saputra-Angga Pratama) but we are not worried as they are quality pairs.”

Rexy is also not too worried about the future as there is plenty of talent in all  disciplines among the junior and back-up players and he will be upgrading them to the senior team from time to time.



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