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Razif, Soon Kit impressed

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Category: Badminton News Published: 10 September 2013
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RAZIF Sidek and Cheah Soon Kit are impressed with the BA of Malaysia (BAM) and are willing to devote their time to helping talent management group (TMG) director Tan Aik Mong make Malaysia a world badminton power again.

    Razif has been included in the assessment team of former internationals to assist Aik Mong evaluate the performance of coaches and players. They are  likely to have a meeting today.

    BAM president Tengku Mahaleel Tengku Ariff, after announcing the new five-year plan during the council meeting on Saturday, also mentioned that Soon Kit is another former international that  should be in the assessment team while Lee Chong Wei is the only current national player  included.

    Razif said  although the talent management group consists of the entire programme from the national senior squad right down to grassroots development at state level, it is a good idea that it comes under the supervision of one person.

    "The changes are positive and I believe there is hope if everyone can work towards the goal of nurturing Malaysia into a world class badminton nation again," said Razif.

    "I have spoken to Aik Mong and I have agreed to give my full commitment. I am pleased to receive an opportunity to serve Malaysia again in a different capacity.

    "I will have to have discussions first to find what role I need to play.

 "I strongly believe we can make a difference this time although there is plenty to do.

    "Although it is a difficult task handling everything right down to grassroots development, TMG is a good plan that everything related to the sport has been put under one umbrella.

"This will help us to keep tabs with the elite development as well as talent scouting.

    "The ranking tournament is also a good idea as it is going to keep all the national players on their toes as they know the professional and state players will be challenging them.

    "Selection of players will also be better as the assessment team will also monitor the players, so we know who is working and who is not. Everything will lead to a better transparency."

    Soon Kit, who had offered to become a coach on several occasions, said he is ready to start any time if given the opportunity by BAM. He is willing to contribute on a voluntary basis as requested by Aik Mong.

    "I am glad to see all these changes and I can even work full-time even as a volunteer. It is good to see the BAM and the new president in particular getting former internationals to contribute for the betterment of the sport," said Soon Kit.

    "The talent management group has a wide scope but the plan looks very clear and every layer of development is linked now.

    "The open system of ranking and selection will also give equal opportunity to everyone and things should fall into place soon."

    Aik Mong will handpick the members of the assessment team and with Razif and Chong Wei already in, Soon Kit and several other former players will be roped in fast to get the new plan moving.

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