Kim Her returns to coaching doubles pairs (pic)

Paulus Firman talking to Tan Kim Her (right) in a January file photo. Kim Her is to have a dual role with BAM – as an assessor as well as a doubles coach.

KUALA LUMPUR: Former international Tan Kim Her has gone back to where he originally started – as a coach with the men’s doubles department.

After two months of serving as an assessor for the national team, Tan Kim Her will be back to coaching the men’s doubles. The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) decided yesterday that he was the right candidate to replace Paulus Firman … for the time being.

Paulus quit BAM because of family problems. Paulus Firman talking to Tan Kim Her (right) in a January file photo. Kim Her is to have a dual role with BAM – as an assessor as well as a doubles coach.

Kim Her, who was head coach of the men’s doubles before he was appointed as an assessor under the new BAM management, will now work with Pang Cheh Chang to handle 24 pairs in the national team.

Yesterday, BAM’s Talent Management Group (TMG) acting director Tengku Tan Sri Mahaleel Tengku Ariff said that Kim Her will play a dual role – as an assessor and a doubles coach.

Previously, all assessors were strictly given the task of monitoring the coaches and assessing their performance and plans for their respective badminton players.

“Paulus (who was hired in January this year) has been good with us. He however has family problems. He has been very responsible and submitted all the reports and plans that were requested. He is leaving on a good note … we are happy,” said Tengku Mahaleel.

“We do not have a shortage of coaches. We have council members who are coaches and now, we have four additional assessors, who are coaches with the states. With that, we are able to unlock Kim Her, who is a full-time employee with BAM to double up as a coach and assessor.

“Kim Her will help where there is a need in the men’s doubles department. We now have extra assessors to monitor the coaches,” said Tengku Mahaleel, who declined to reveal the four new assessors under the TMG team.

Earlier, the only other assessor on the team was former Olympic Games bronze medallist Razif Sidek but Tengku Mahaleel said that the latter serves on a part-time basis and he is subjected to different terms and conditions.

Yesterday, Tengku Mahaleel also announced several key people to strengthen the TMG programme. He has appointed Dr Koay Ban Hing as head of competitions and events and David Wee as the head of talent scouting.

“Dr Koay will look into strategic planning for the players. There are three levels of players – the national, back-up and potential players, whom we have identified as future world champions if they are given the right nurturing. He has laid out the plans for next year,” he said.

“As for David, he has a very big job of looking for talents – not only from within but also from the states. He will also look into how the other sports are doing.”

BAM’s secretary Ng Chin Chai will be responsible for linking up with all the states – to ensure that the national programmes are filtered from top to the lowest level.

Asked about the poor performance of the World Junior Championships team in Bangkok, where none made it to the semi-finals, he said: “There will always be ups and downs. We are only at the beginning stage of our five-year plan and there have been changes. I believe that we have put a good system into place and from now on, we will only be moving forward.”


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