The Success Story of Indonesian Badminton (pic)

Indonesia Badminton National Team

Asian countries have been dominating the world of badminton for a long time. China, Malaysia and Indonesia have some of the most legendary badminton players. Indonesia has won several important badminton tournaments and has often easily defeated its strongest badminton competitors. Indonesian badminton team enjoys international status and has several gold medals to its credit.Indonesia Badminton National Team

Over the years, Indonesian badminton has matured significantly. Indonesian Badminton Association has revised several policies and undertaken several important projects to further improve the state of badminton in Indonesia.

Indonesian Badminton Association (PBSI)

The Indonesian Badminton Association is one of the oldest and biggest badminton organizations in Indonesia. Founded in Bandung in 1951, this organization has been working for the international recognition and success of Indonesian badminton for many years now.

During recent years, the association has started conducting tournament on the national level in order to provide opportunities for local players to groom their talent. Unlike those in China, Indonesian players do not have many opportunities for professional badminton training. This is the reason that PBSI has started competitions like National Sports Championships for promoting professional badminton among young players.

Training Academies

Both government and private sectors have been taking initiatives for the revival of Indonesian badminton. One of such significant measures is the establishment of PELATNAS (National Training Center). The training center was formed by the Indonesian government in order to provide a professional training camp for new players.

There are also private training camps where intense training and cutting-edge facilities are available to players. Although PELATNAS is a government training center, it is not as concentrated as the private centers. It is because private centers are open for all players who are interested and have a passion for badminton whereas PELATNAS gives training only to those players who have some experience or belong to a local team.

Badminton Tournaments

Asian region has been dominating three important badminton tournaments: Uber Cup, Sudirman Cup, and Thomas Cup, all of which are of significant importance in World Badminton Ratings. Indonesian players and organizations make intense efforts to win these tournaments.

There are a number of Indonesian badminton players who are considered as legends in the world of sports. Taufik Hidayat is one of the most aggressive badminton players in history. There are other players like Susi Susanti and Rudi Hartono who have won several medals and are considered as gems in the badminton world.

In 1989, Indonesian Badminton Association contributed to the revival of badminton tournaments by starting Sudirman Cup and introduced mixed team badminton games.

Latest Victories

Indonesia has not been performing well in the international arenas for the past several years. These consecutive defeats have impacted the morale of the Indonesian team. But the latest victories in the World Championship have boosted the spirit and confidence of Indonesian badminton players. The outstanding performance of the legendary Indonesian player, Susi Susanti, in the World Championship has won two gold medals.

After being embarrassed by disqualification in the Olympics, Indonesian players have been striving hard to perform well in the international tournaments. Indonesians were overwhelmed when Indonesian badminton pair Lilyana Natsir and Tontowi Ahmad crushed the powerful Chinese players Ma Jin and Xu Chen and they felt overjoyed when Indonesian players Mohammad Ahsan and Hendra Setiawan wiped out Denmark from the men’s double category by defeating Carsten Mogensen and Mathias Boe.

Chairman of PBSI, Gita Wirjawan, assured the nation after the embarrassment in London Olympics that in 2013 Indonesian players would win at least one gold medal in any international tournament. These latest victories have surpassed the set target and the sports world is buzzing with the powerful come back of Indonesia in the world of badminton.


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