The China Factor: Top Indian badminton player with Chinese-Indian lineage (pic)

Jwala Gutta is one of India's top badminton player

Jwala Gutta is one of India's top badminton players, but what's unique is her Chinese-Indian lineage. Born to a Chinese mother and an Indian father, Jwala excelled in the field of badminton.

Hyderabad is the home of Indian badminton players….many successful players come from this South Indian city.Jwala Gutta is one of India's top badminton player

One who stands out is Jwala Gutta. It was in the year 2000 when Jwala won the national junior championship when she was 17…but later she became iconic as a doubles player.

Born to a Chinese mother and an Indian father, Jwala Gutta first came into limelight when she won the Under-13 national championship in 1996. Jwala credits her parents and her coach for her success.

Jwala said, "My parents are a lot more broadminded because my mom is Chinese and my dad chose to marry her and they don’t think girls as any lesser and it was to take up badminton as my profession from the start."

Born in Tianjin, Jwala's mother Yelan Gutta first came to India in 1977 with her great grand father who was a follower of Mahatma Gandhi. That is where Yelan fell in love with Jwala’s father and later got married.

Jwala Gutta is one of the most famous people in India who come from a mixed lineage of a Chinese mother and an Indian father but she is also one of the most fiery and controversial players in India who has always questioned the Badminton establishment for what she believes to be for the better of the game. She has also explored other avenues including tollywood, the second highest grossing film industry in India after Bollywood.

Jwala Gutta also has a huge fan following and the sportsperson has diversified in the field of acting.

Known to be someone who doesn't mince her words, Jwala says she gets her fieriness from the Chinese lineage.

"My mom is a very gutsy woman and I think I go after her. A lot of my characteristics go after her. To come from a different country where she was born and brought up, to come to a different country like India and get used to the culture and live here, now she has her own business which is doing really well, I think only a very strong women can do it," she said.

Jwala Gutta has won the National Badminton Championships thirteen times till 2010. The doubles badminton player has also got India many laurels in international championships.

Jwala has been training under Indian Badminton Coach SM Arif. He says, Jwala’s is a natural and this could be a result of her genes.

Arif said, "This girl, she is there with me since she was 4 years old, from that age she is there with me and one thing about her is that she is the laziest person as far as the training is concerned and as far as the court is concerned you keep her for the whole long day and she will be happy, otherwise her genes might be helping her out."

The Sino India Badminton connection doesn't end here. 6 year old Nina has come to Hyderabad from Kashmir to be a Badminton champion…her inspiration also comes from China.

Jwala Gutta is in many ways the brand ambassador for people with Chinese and Indian lineage. Known to be a leader, the next step for the Badminton player is to open an academy that grooms young children to keep the Badminton flag flying high.


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