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Ultimatum to Liu Ying (pic)

Category: Badminton News Published: 17 February 2014
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SURGERY: Coach wants her to decide soon or risk missing Commonwealth Games

GOH Liu Ying's goal  is to win the mixed doubles gold in the Commonwealth Games with Chan Peng Soon but first she has to prove she is fit enough to compete in the event in Glasgow in July.

The injuries to both her knees are serious but she is not keen to go for surgery, and this has forced mixed doubles coach Jeremy Gan to pair off Peng Soon with Lai Pei Jing with the Commonwealth Games in mind.Mixed doubles player Goh Liu Ying has continued competing while regularly attending physiotherapy.  Read more: Ultimatum to Liu Ying

Peng Soon-Pei Jing will compete in the German Open on Feb 25-March 2 and the All England on March 4-9 and Jeremy wants the pair to also compete in the Malaysia Open grand prix gold on March 25-30, the India Open and the Singapore Open in April.

This is to ensure Peng Soon-Pei Jing are able to qualify for the World Championships in Copenhagen on Aug 25-31 should Liu Ying be forced to undergo an operation.

Jeremy has also made it clear that he will choose the better player between Liu Ying and Pei Jing to partner Peng Soon, and not just base on a player's reputation alone.

"Liu Ying is carrying a long term injury and she has delayed going for an operation. She is under treatment and once she returns, I will assess her fitness before making any sort of decision," said Jeremy yesterday.

"We are preparing to go for gold in the Commonwealth Games as that is the aim. There is no place for individual glory here and I will choose the better player between Liu Ying and Pei Jing to partner Peng Soon.

"Peng Soon has already committed himself to partnering either of them although he has more experience playing with Liu Ying.

"However, Liu Ying's injury has always been a concern. We have to start preparing early to have another solid option.

"Peng Soon-Pei Jing will be entered for several tournaments to help them qualify for the World Championships should Liu Ying decide to go for surgery.

"Liu Ying will also be competing but it's hard to say if she can avoid injury until the Commonwealth Games.

"I know Liu Ying wants to give it a shot at winning gold in Glasgow but I don't want that to happen at the expense of national interest. If she is bent on playing in the Commonwealth Games, she must first prove that she is fit to compete at the highest level."

With only England's Chris Adcock-Gabrielle Adcock and Tarun Kona-Ashvini Ponnappa of India to contend with, Peng Soon-Pei Jing have a good chance of winning gold in the Commonwealth Games.

Liu Ying, to save her playing career, should go for the operation sooner rather than later.





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