BAM to name new team of coaching staff

Hendrawan, Tey Seu Bock, Rashid Sidek (from left) have been coaching in BAM for many years.

Kuala Lumpur: The coaches who will be retained by the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) will be announced on Tuesday.

BAM technical director Morten Frost Hansen said negotiations on new contracts today went well, with some coaches expressing their willingness to continue serving the body.Hendrawan, Tey Seu Bock, Rashid Sidek (from left) have been coaching in BAM for many years.

“Their contract will end tomorrow and names of those who will remain or leave BAM will be announced tomorrow. Most of them have agreed to renew their contract, but some of them are still considering the offer,” he said at Bukit Kiara here today.

Seventeen coaches attended the meeting today, including Rashid Sidek, Tey Seu Bock, Wong Tat Meng, Jeremy Gan, Pang Cheh Chang and Rosman Razak.

The BAM has 22 coaches and three of them namely Tan Kim Her, Hendarawan and He Guoquan are still under contract till next year, while the other two coaches are in Europe.

The contracts of national coaches like Rashid, Seu Bock, Wong, Pang, Rosman, Jeremy Gan and Wong Pei Tty ended in December last year but was extended until March 31.

Frost said the contract generally included the new salary and the key performance index (KPI) set for coaches as well as the players.

“Contract is just a contract, and it involves money. Some people are happy, some may not be. This is real life,” he added.

Frost, who started his post as technical director early this month, said that he wanted to implement his plan as soon as possible in positioning the coaches and players as well as setting the target for both parties.
– Bernama


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