Hendrawan: Lee Chong Wei is a great role model for young Malaysian players

Hope Hendrawan will make 2015 a breakthrough year for Lee Chong Wei

Kuala Lumpur: “Never discount the heart of a champion,” Hendrawan was effusive in his praise for the badminton superstar Lee Chong Wei, after the rejuvenated former world No. 1 shuttler restored his dominance to lift back-to-back titles at the recently concluded US Open and Canada Open.Hope Hendrawan will make 2015 a breakthrough year for Lee Chong Wei

Former world champion Hendrawan was assigned to coach Lee Chong Wei in April 2015. His passion and enthusiasm played an essential role in putting Lee back on a winning path.

“Chong Wei is a role model for young players to look up to. They should learn to adopt his work ethic and his ‘never give up’ attitude,” said Hendrawan.

“Chong Wei always managed to find ways in dealing with life’s challenges. He refused to quit and was training harder than anyone else during the period of suspension. That further proved he has the essential qualities and skills needed to become a champion,” added Hendrawan.

Hendrawan admitted Lee Chong Wei has regained his confidence following his triumphs at US Open and Canada Open, and Lee is looking to continue to improve his position in the world rankings.

“Coming off two consecutive titles at North America was very helpful in building Chong Wei’s confidence, and he should be able to ride that momentum into the World Championships.”


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