BAM in another tangle! (pic)


FROM bad to worse with no sign of an immediate solution to what can surely be termed as a crisis.

BA of Malaysia (BAM) secretary P. Ganga Rao dropped another bombshell yesterday when he said that Bukit Jalil Sports School (BJSS) chief coach Zhao Kejian has resigned, leaving the associations plans to promote his assistant Sun Chenghua to Project 2010-2012 in tatters.

Earlier, BAMs attempts to hire Tan Kim Her and former world champion Hendrawan of Indonesia ran into a brick wall when the former opted to stay on as South Koreas doubles coach while Hendrawan was appointed as his nations men singles coach.

Ganga Rao also admitted there are not many local candidates available to be drafted as Project 2010-2012 head coach Rashid Sideks assistants.

The project, aimed at producing players for the 2010 Asian Games and 2012 London Olympics, currently has four coaches handling 23 players.

The problem is another 20 from BJSS will graduate into the programme next month and Rashid has said it will be impossible for him and his three assistants to handle all.

Ganga Rao said as a stop gap measure, BAM is likely to "promote" several coaches from BJSS to the Project.

"We are looking at the BJSS coaches to join Project 2010-2012 but without disrupting the junior programme. Rashids squad is very important and we will be careful in making the switch," said Ganga Rao.

BAMs initial plan was for Chenghua, BJSS most experienced coach, to help Rashid but with Kejians resignation, the former is the obvious choice to replace him as chief coach at the sports school.

"Chenghua is the obvious candidate to take over from Kejian and this ends the possibility of him becoming Rashids assistant."

What BAM is likely to do next is hire coaches from China to replace those moving up from BJSS into the 2010-2012 Programme.

BAM, said Ganga, is resigned to the fact that on the local front, potential coaches could only come from current national players who are contemplating retirement.

"We cant take coaches from the States as they are short too. If we were to hire any one of them, the programmes in the States will come to a halt."

BAM, said Ganga, will be on the lookout for potential coaches during the Malaysian Open on Jan 16-21 but given the problems the association is facing, it has to start producing more coaches for without them, there wont be programmes.

(source: nst)


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