Malaysia Purple League: Ampang Jaya BC beat Bangsar Hawks BC

Team Serdang BC. (photo: red ONE)

Kuala Lumpur: Ampang Jaya BC defeated Bangsar Hawks BC 12-4 on Wednesday to finish the week with their second win of the season.

Ampang Jaya took the early lead after Lee Cheuk Yiu scraped past Wan Mas Ami Bin Wan Abu Bakar Sidik of Bangsar Hawks 11-2, 11-2, 11-6 in the first men’s singles match.Team Serdang BC. (photo: red ONE)

It was Ho Yen Mei who surprised the Ampang Jaya team when she overcame World No. 21 Maria Febe Kusumastuti 11-6, 8-11, 11-10, 11-8 to give Ampang Jaya a 6-1 lead.

However, Shevon Jemie Lai/Kuan Kam Chung of Ampang Jaya couldn’t get the momentum going by losing to Irfan Fadhilah/Pia Zebadiah Bernadet 11-10, 11-6, 11-7.

Chin Chuan Jue/Rendy Sugiarto teamed up to win the men’s doubles set 3-0 against Ahmad Zaid Bin Zainal/Leong Wen Hao.    

Ampang Jaya led 9-4 going into the final set with Setyaldi Putra Wibo and Thomi Azizan Mahbub trying to add points for their team in the second men’s singles match. The battle expectedly was one-sided which Setyaldi Putra Wibo of Ampang Jaya won 3-0.

In the day’s other tie, Serdang BC that spearheaded by Goh Jin Wei handed total demolition of their opponents by swamping Puchong United BC with 12-3.


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