BWF president issued no-confidence vote by council


A VOTE of no-confidence was passed on the Badminton World Federation’s (BWF) president Dr Kang Young-joong during a council meeting at Istana Hotel yesterday which further exposed a serious division in the administration of the world body based in Malaysia.



“The BWF have now spiralled downwards basically through what could be termed as dictatorship by democracy” – Dr Kang Young-Joong


But the president did not take the attempt to oust him lying low. 

Yesterday, Young-joong held a press conference at Putra Stadium during the ongoing World Championships to vent out his frustration over the way the BWF was run. 

“I would have preferred the media to focus their attention on the game but instead we had a lead story in one of the local newspapers on the call by the Malaysian Sports Minister (Datuk Azalina Othman Said) asking the BWF deputy president (Datuk Punch Gunalan) to resign. And the motion to oust me today was related to this,” said Young-joong. 

“I would like to categorically confirm that this is a coup d’etat attempt with the sole idea of diverting the real issue of poor governance.” 

He said that the BWF had been inundated with various serious allegations, which include the dubious sacking of the chief operating officer (COO) and on the relocation of the headquarters from London to Kuala Lumpur. 

“The BWF have now spiralled downwards basically through what could be termed as dictatorship by democracy. 

“For some strange reasons, decisions made by the council have been driven by the same select few. So much so that it has become a personal kingdom of these select few and the position of the president is reduced to a ceremonial role. 

Young-joong said that those who speak up were stifled. 

“I am sad that BWF have come to such a predicament that every single dealing from the awarding of the IT contract, TV distribution rights and sponsorships is tainted and questionable,” he said. 

“And those who raise these issues are quickly removed.” 

And when asked whether there was a way to solve the problems he raised, Young-joong said: “The BWF have a constitution. As long as we follow that, we will be able to right the wrong.” 

Meanwhile, the BWF confirmed that a motion of no-confidence was taken against the president in a press statement yesterday. 

One of the issues addressed by the council, after the president walked out of the meeting and handed over the chair to Gunalan, was the relocation of the headquarters. 

According to the statement: “Council recognised members need to be assured about the process and the issue surrounding the letter (on the BWF headquarters' relocation). It appointed a Committee to examine the merits of the issues and to report with recommendations on future actions.”


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