Around the China badminton training camp in Brazil

Li Xuerui, Cheng Long in Sao Paulo.

Rio de Janeiro: With the Olympic badminton events kicking off just four days (August 11, Brazil time) from today, players from badminton powerhouse China are sharing some serious and light moments during their training sessions in Sao Paulo.Li Xuerui, Cheng Long in Sao Paulo.

So let’s take a peek into the China camp to see how the athletes are doing in the Sao Paulo training facility.
Lin Dan in Sao Paulo.

The China badminton players have arrived at the Rio Olympic Village on August 8 (China time). Hope the players won’t find themselves living in a messy and inhabitable condition as reported by many other athletes from other countries such as blocked toilets, leaking pipes, exposed wiring, and darkened stairwells.Fu Haifeng

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China team

Li Yong Bo supervising the training.

China badminton players arrive at Olympic Village in Rio. (photo: Hong Wei)


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