Rexy furious with mercenary attitude (pic)


IT’S a worrying trend when players play beyond themselves in tournaments carrying attractive prize money and yet go out with a whimper in events when the pride of the nation is at stake like the just ended World Championships.


REXY MAINAKY, Malaysia’s men’s doubles coach


Doubles coach Rexy Mainaky is concerned about this unhealthy trend and intends to change all that.

Coming on the back of another pitiful performance in the World Championships, Rexy said that for starters, the participation of his pairs in super series events will be based on their form in training and will not hesitate to put players in cold storage if they don’t buck-up.

The coach did not waste any time and yesterday, put his players through three training sessions instead of the usual two in order to put to good use the ample free time the players have.

Rexy said more sessions will also prevent the players patronising too much with outsiders and to just focus on their training and tournaments.
"I am puzzled about why our pairs can perform so well in the super series and grand prix events but their form suffers in the World Championships and other big events. I believe this is because no prize money is offered in the World Championships," said Rexy yesterday.

"I’ve seen players who are worried what they will gain from competing in a tournament rather than focusing on winning.

"I will be selective in sending pairs for tournaments from now. If they perform in training, they will get to go. Otherwise they will be dropped.

"I will identify pairs for the Beijing Olympics (next year) and push them for preparations rather than send everyone for every tournament.

"They have also shown that they can only perform when I'm tough with them, or when they are criticised in public. If this is the only way to get the best out of them, I will continue doing so."

Rexy has already entered Fairuzizuan Zakry-Latif for the India Open at the end of the month but they may not go if their wretched form in the last three tournaments, including the World championships, prevails.

Tan Boon Heong is the other shuttler who tends to have his mind elsewhere rather than on winning.

Rexy claims that Koo Kien Keat has shown improvement but his habit of taking things in his own hands has not really helped.

He wants Kien Keat to have more faith in Boon Heong as that is the only way the latter will improve.


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