Lin Dan admits affair, issues apology to his family

Click image to view Lin Dan's apology statement.

Beijing: After a group of intimate photos of the two-time Olympic badminton gold medalist Lin Dan and a Chinese model began circulating on the internet on Thursday morning, November 17th, Lin, who sometimes goes by “Super Dan” has apologized on Thursday afternoon for cheating on his wife, Xie Xingfang, the former World No. 1 women’s singles badminton player. Click image to view Lin Dan's apology statement.

In a statement Lin posted on his social media page, he said: “As a man, I do not want to defend what I have done or make any excuses for myself. My actions has hurt my family. Therefore, I would like to apologize to them. Sorry,”

In regards to the woman involved in the affair, Chinese internet users have quickly identified her as Zhao Yaqi, a model and actress. She also wrote a message on her social media page Thursday afternoon saying “Thanks for everybody’s concern”.Click image to view Zhao Yaqi's response on her social media page.

Meanwhile, China’s badminton chief coach Li Yongbo who was accompanying other Chinese badminton players in Fuzhou for the ongoing China Open, told reporters that Lin was still on leave and he was not aware of that incident until he saw it in the news.


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