Malaysia open 2008: Hafiz blames poor form on slash in bonus (pic)


HAFIZ Hashim is not offering excuses for his recent failures but has no qualms about blaming preferential treatment of others in terms of allowances and incentives for his dip in form.


Hafiz vows to give his all if he is paid more.


But Hafiz wishes to set the record straight that he is not motivated by money alone but at the same time financial instability has made it difficult for him to focus on his playing career.

Hafiz receives a monthly allowance of RM2,000 and gets nothing from the quarterly world ranking bonus received by the BA of Malaysia (BAM) players.

His financial burden has also increased after his recent marriage but sadly, his bonus, which used to be RM2,500, was recently slashed.

"I am also playing for the country and train full time just like the other national players. So it's not fair when it comes to allowances and incentives," said a frustrated Hafiz at Putra Stadium in Bukit Jalil yesterday.
"I am not offering excuses for my failures. However, financial stability plays a vital part in keeping a player focused and I don't really have that at the moment."

Lee Chong Wei, the nation's top player, receives RM3,000 monthly apart from a quarterly bonus of RM45,000 for being ranked World No 2.

Under the world ranking bonus, the top two ranked players receive a quarterly bonus of RM45,000 each, third and fourth receive RM36,000, fifth to eighth get RM24,000, ninth to 16th receive RM18,000, 17th-24th get RM9,000 while 25th-32nd earn RM4,500.

And finance was one of the prime reasons why Hafiz was linked with a move to KLRC Bhd but the player intends to remain faithful to Nusa and coach Misbun Sidek for the moment.

"My claims are reasonable. All I want is to get what the others are getting. If the others are paid RM1,000 then I should receive the same. I have no problem with that.

"I have been ranked in the top eight for more than a year but I was never considered for the ranking bonus because I'm not a BAM player," a disappointed Hafiz added.

"I believe if I am financially stable, I will have a clear mind and can confidently focus on winning a place in the Olympics.

"KLRC Bhd had made me a verbal offer to join them but no decisions have been made. If the current situation improves, I don't have to think about a move at all."

Hafiz could have earned a quarterly bonus of RM18,000 for the best part of last year as he was ranked in the top 16 and at the moment, he should still receive RM9,000 as he is currently ranked World No 17.

It's even more disturbing for him knowing that sparring partners employed by BAM, who work on a part-time basis, receive RM1,800 a month.


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