Kento Momota heads back to Japan after a catastrophic car accident (video)

Kento Momota goes back to Japan. (photo: Sinchew)
Kento Momota goes back to Japan. (photo: Sinchew)

Kuala Lumpur: After receiving treatment for his right maxillary sinus and nasal bone fracture which resulted from a fatal car crash that killed the driver around 4am on Monday. Two-time world champion Kento Momota, Japan’s assistant coach – Hirayama Yu, and team physio – Morimoto Akifumi, were discharged from the Putrajaya Hospital at 10 pm on Tuesday.

The Japanese team tried to keep low profile and left the hospital through a secret exit. They managed to avoid the media and went straight to a hotel near Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) waiting for the flight back to Japan on Wednesday morning.

At around 8 am on Wednesday, Kento Momota and his team arrived at (KLIA) accompanied by President of Badminton Association of Malaysia, Norza Zakaria and his staff. They boarded the airport electric car and went directly to the airport VIP lounge Check-in. they were scheduled to fly back to Tokyo at 9:40 on Malaysia Airlines Flight MH70.

Momota was saw wearing a black long-sleeved shirt, a black hat and a mask, walking into the VIP room without any sign of serious injury. would like to wish Kento Momota a quick recovery and hope to see him back to action as soon as possible.


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