BAM’s response to player departures

Badminton Association of Malaysia president Tengku Mahaleel Tengku Arif (left) and his deputy, Datuk Norza Zakaria

Kuala Lumpur: Following the latest round of resignations from top Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) shuttlers, BAM have issued a statement (see below) on Saturday trying to provide a logical reasoning for the whole situation. Whether that was yet another denial that came out of BAM’s own persisted arrogance, or they finally acknowledged there were deeper issues underlying the whole mess, it’s up to you the reader to decide the good, the bad and the ugly in this ongoing story.Badminton Association of Malaysia president Tengku Mahaleel Tengku Arif (left) and his deputy, Datuk Norza Zakaria


BAM Players Resignation

There is in the last few days speculation and rumors of players wishing to leave BAM.

BAM wishes to clarify and confirm the following:-

That it has received letters from 3 players seeking for BAM to consider them leaving BAM for a variety of reasons.

Men’s Doubles

Lim Khim Wah
Hoon Thien How

Women Singles

Yang Li Lian

Players leaving BAM is not new as we have had Misbun Ramdan, Arif Latiff and even Koo Kien Keat having left.

Thus the request for BAM to consider them to be released is not new.

In the case of the doubles players Hoon and Khim Wah are in the matured stage of their playing career and have strong doubts that they can make it to the top in the very near future.

They wish to reconsider their playing career as competition is getting very tough, and seek opportunities within the sports industry in order to plan and secure their future.

Both these players have swopped partnerships since the departure of Koo Kien Keat and tried new pairings which will take time to settle and mature which they feel they may not be able to deliver.

As in the case of Yang Li Lian she has admitted that she is unable over the last 3 years to be consistent and good enough to make her mark on the world stage.

Given her excellent results in SPM having scored 9 As she has decided to quit badminton and pursue her studies in a private University.

With the new salary allowance announced last week new KPIs and targets are set and it will be getting tougher demands made as BAMs strategic plan is to be amongst the Top in the world of Badminton.

This will require players and coaches and office staff to work even harder as we open another chapter in our road to stay at the top. Players and coaches have been made aware of this.

Due process of hearings will take place earliest possible as BAM does not wish to jeopardize our preparation plans for Sudirman Cup and SEA games this year.

On other players leaving, BAM cannot confirm this speculation. However with the tracking and analysis system in place, players who under performs may be reviewed.

(Title and Content are from BAM web site)


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