Taufik Hidayat wants Lee Chong Wei to stay strong

Taufik Hidayat interacts with Fu Haifeng on stage

Beijing: While attending the opening ceremony of the largest amateur badminton tournament in China, the 2004 Summer Olympics men’s singles champion hoped his good friend Lee Chong Wei will soon be eligible to compete again.Taufik Hidayat interacts with Fu Haifeng on stage


“I’m looking forward to hearing good news from Chong Wei, it will be great news for badminton too,” said Taufik.

Winner of the tournament will travel to Jakarta in August together with top men’s doubles player of China Fu Haifeng for a friendly match against an amateur team from Indonesia that spearheads by Taufik Hidayat.

Speaking about next year’s Olympics, Taufik said: “Lin Dan is still in good shape, if he continues his fine form, he has a high chance of reaching the men’s singles final at Rio. However, it’s tough to make predictions about Lee Chong Wei right now. Meanwhile, Chen Long of China and Jan Jorgensen of Denmark will be two very strong gold medal contenders for the 2016 Olympics,” said Taufik.

Taufik Hidayat was asked yet again about Lee Chong Wei after the opening ceremony, here is the short conversation between reporter and Taufik Hidayat:

Reporter: What do you think about Lee Chong Wei’s upcoming hearing?

Taufik Hidayat: Yes, it’ll be next month. Let’s just hope for good news at his hearing, it would also be good for the sport of badminton.

Reporter: Do you think he is innocent?

Taufik Hidayat: I don’t know.

Reporter: Have you ever talked to him about this issue.

Taufik Hidayat: No, because I think this is a relatively private matter. I’m so happy that he will become a father again. It’s not easy to be waiting for so long for the hearing, but I hope he could remain positive.


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