Mak Hee Chun and Teo Kok Siang resign from BAM

Mak Hee Chun (left) and Teo Kok Siang won the world junior championship title in 2008.

Kuala Lumpur: After being recalled by the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) to strengthen the men’s doubles department at the end of February, the former Asia and World junior boys doubles champion Mak Hee Chun once again has decided to quit playing for BAM.Mak Hee Chun (left) and Teo Kok Siang won the world junior championship title in 2008.

Mak has been reunited with Teo Kok Siang early this year, whom he won the world junior title together in 2008. However, their performances to date have been unsatisfactory. The second round appearance on Russian Open and Chinese Taipei Open were by far their best outing since their reunion. They were ousted from first round of China Masters, New Zealand Open, and the Australian Open.

“I play better as an independent player, perhaps I am not able to handle the pressure that comes with high expectations,” said Mak.

“I don’t think Kok Siang and I have good future playing together, although we’ve tried everything that we can to work things out,” added Mak.

On a more personal note, Kok Siang’s parents may be left “saddened” after his resignation from BAM.

“My resignation will definitely disappoint my parents. Because they have always wanting greater success for me in badminton. But I am sorry, it’s hard for me to find further breakthrough moments in my career,” said Kok Siang.

“I am already 25-years-old now, coming back to play badminton after two serious injuries, I am no longer physically suited to compete for the game anymore,” added Kok Siang.

Despite reaching No.21 in the world rankings with Goh V Shem in 2011 – Kok Siang suffered a knee injury that year which ruled him out for six months. He then got involved in a car accident in February 2014, which sidelined him for another lengthy period.

The duo has turned in their resignation letters to the technical director of the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) Morten Frost on Wednesday.


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