Yu Yang officially retires from badminton (gif)

Yu Yang argues with her coaches at Rio Olympics.

Beijing: Yu Yang, who won the 2008 Beijing Olympic women’s doubles gold medal together with Du Jing, but was one of the eight players who were disqualified from the London Games for match throwing, wrote on her social media site Thursday that she has decided to quit the sport.Yu Yang argues with her coaches at Rio Olympics.

Yu Yang became one of the most controversial players yet again at the Rio 2016 Olympics. She yelled at her coaches and angrily threw her towel to the floor when she and partner Tang Yuanting were playing against Jung Kyung Eun/Shin Seung Chan of South Korea in the bronze medal playoff. Yu/Tang ended up losing the match 8-21, 17-21 to the South Korean pair.

On her social media post, Yu showed her appreciation for Chinese chief coach Li Yongbo by giving her tremendous support over the course of her 15-year professional career.click the image to see Yu Yang throws her towel during the Rio Olympics bronze medal playoff.

“From 2001 to 2016, I’ve gone through hundreds of matches and three Olympics. I have also risen from obscurity to Olympic champion, from disqualification to towel throwing. I’ve experienced many great memories, including happiness and sadness throughout my career. Thanks you all for your support along the way, my friends, fans, media and coaches. Thanks to my country, the Chinese badminton team, and a special thanks go to Li Yongbo who have given me the greatest help of all in my 15-year professional badminton career.”


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