Misbun Sidek challenges Hendrawan to produce another world class player

Misbun Sidek clearly understands a lot of internal problems in BAM. (photo: AP)

Kuala Lumpur: After the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) has agreed to renew the contract of men’s singles coach Hendrawan, Malaysian badminton legend Misbun Sidek offered up a challenge to Hendrawan, hoping the former World Champion could produce another world class player such as Lee Chong Wei.Misbun Sidek clearly understands a lot of internal problems in BAM. (photo: AP)

Misbun Sidek also pointed out that BAM should set up the right Key Performance Indicators (KPI) in order to monitor and to measure progress towards developing and nurturing young talented players to become the next Lee Chong Wei.

“When I left Chong Wei, he was already a World No. 1 player. He can successfully remain in that ranking even after someone else takes over as Chong Wei’s coach,” said Misbun at the closing ceremony of a Talent Camp Program.

The badminton legend emphasized that BAM should also let Hendrawan coach another group of young players and nurture them to become world-beaters.

“Hendrawan should work towards creating one more Chong Wei to ensure the player can become a strong contender for Olympic gold medal.”

After the Rio Olympics, China’s national badminton head coach Li Yongbo had stated Lee Chong Wei would possibly already be a world champion if the Malaysian badminton ace was trained under the Chinese national badminton team.


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