Lin Dan’s mistress Zhao Yaqi speaks out on their affair

To be honest, Lin Dan's "girl friend" Zhao Yaqi is crazy hot. (photo: Internet)

Beijing: After intimate and juicy photos between the two-time Olympic champion Lin Dan a.k.a “Super Dan” and a super-hot Chinese model named Zhao Yaqi went viral on the internet last Thursday morning, Lin Dan has quickly issued an apologize to his family on Thursday afternoon.To be honest, Lin Dan's "girl friend" Zhao Yaqi is crazy hot. (photo: Internet)

Lin Dan’s wife, Xie Xingfang also released a statement on Friday said she will forgive Lin Dan for cheating on her.Zhao Yaqi cries while apologizing during a press conference. (photo: Internet)

Just when everybody thinks the incident was about to calm down for a while, Lin Dan’s alleged mistress Zhao Yaqi suddenly held a media conference to offer an apology to those in particular that was hurt during this incident, and to dismiss charges that she dated Lin Dan with the intend of getting glorified or monetary gain.

Her apologies were as follows:Zhao Yaqi cries tears of apology for the cheating affair with Lin Dan. (photo: Internet)

1. I sincerely apologize and am willing to take criticism from everyone, I’m really sorry for those people that I’ve hurt.

2. I never thought making those hasty decisions without a lot of thought would hurt so many people. The past week was the most painful experience of my life. My inner fear, guilt and not sure how to deal with this situation have prompted me to escape from taking up responsibilities initially. After I realized my silence has caused even more damage, I’ve decided to speak out.

3. I am not associated in any way whatsoever with “Zhao Yaqi Studio”.

4. I didn’t not seek any financial advantage from Lin Dan. Rumors about him buying me luxury cars, and house were not true at all.

5. No one would stir up this type of drama to get famous. I only have one manager, not a team, I’m certainly not able to orchestrate this whole thing at a large scale.

6. I have received a lot of words of encouragement from family and friends, I was not able to reply to each of them individually, I will send my thanks to all of them with a single reply.


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