Tai Tzu Ying quits badminton to work at McDonalds? (video)

Tai Tzu Ying serves beverage to customers. (photo: McDonalds)
Tai Tzu Ying serves beverage to customers. (photo: McDonalds)

Taipei: How did the World No. 1 women’s singles player, Tai Tzu Ying from Taiwan ended her badminton career early to work at McDonalds?

Not really, under the arrangement of McDonalds, Tai has firsthand experience of how it feels like working in the fast food industry.

With the help of the McDonalds employee, Tai learn how to greet customers politely, fill the water cup with beverage, and spread the salt on french fries.

“I feel like putting these french fries into a small box is more difficult than playing badminton,” said Tai jokingly.

When she started delivering the food to customers, some people recognized her but some didn’t. It was a heart-warming and hilarious scene as Tai couldn’t stop laughing when she saw her father and grandmother picking up the food at the drive through window.


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