Tan Kian Meng/Lai Pei Jing’s incredible racquet exchange go viral on social media (video)

What an amazing racquet exchange from Tan Kian Meng/Lai Pei Jing!
What an amazing racquet exchange from Tan Kian Meng/Lai Pei Jing!

Gold Coast: Malaysia’s mixed doubles pair of Tan Kian Meng/Lai Pei Jing put on the most amazing and thrilling badminton shots ever during Malaysia’s last Group tie against Japan at the 2017 Sudirman Cup on Wednesday.

Tan Kian Meng broke his racket string when the Malaysia pair was trailing 11-15 in the second set. Then, Lai Pei Jing handed her racquet to Tan quickly, letting Tan take on both Japanese players while she rushed out to the side of the court to grab a new racquet.

Amazingly, Lai managed to get back to the court on time and scored the winning point for that rally.

“We actually have discussed about this before the match that if one of us broke the racquet string, Tan would stay on the court, while I am going to run out to get a new racket,” said Lai.

Tan seemed to be calm when asked about his amazing performance.

“I was a men’s singles player, I am used to play against two players. That’s why in this situation, Pei Jing would go get the new racket, and I would stay on the court,” said Tan.

Interestingly, their seniors and Rio Olympic mixed doubles silver medalists Chan Peng Soon/Goh Liu Ying also exhibited the same trick at the 2015 SEA Games, where Chan Peng Soon broke his racket string, Goh Liu Ying gave Chan her racket, and then rushed out to get a new racket for herself.

See the unbelievable racquet exchange from Chan Peng Soon/Goh Liu Ying:


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