Misbun Sidek hands preliminary Thomas Cup roster to BAM

Misbun Sidek names Malaysian roster for the 2018 Thomas Cup qualifying. (photo: AP)
Misbun Sidek names Malaysian roster for the 2018 Thomas Cup qualifying. (photo: AP)

Kuala Lumpur: Malaysia’s men’s singles head coach, Misbun Sidek told reporters that he has selected players that are able to step up to the plate to fight for Malaysia in the Thomas Cup qualification in Alor Setar that will be held from February 6th to February 11th.

According to Sidek, the most important thing for him right now is to provide a solid mix of veteran and young players for the Malaysian Thomas Cup team.

“We are pretty much already know who can handle the task, therefore, I will submit a list of names to the President of the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM), Datuk Seri Mohamad Norza Zakaria, and he would seek the advice and approval from the Coaching and Training (C&T) committee,” said Sidek.

BAM will hold the inaugural 2018 C&T meeting on January 4th, and is expected to discuss about the roster for Thomas Cup and Uber Cup qualifying.

Sidek also answered question about the change of coaching structure in BAM, he said as of right now, they are still following the existing training system.

“We would like to see more positive results from the men’s singles squad. We are doing whatever we can to find another player who could play as good as Lee Chong Wei. But that’s a very difficult task, however, we’ve seen other countries are able to produced great players by utilizing every resources they can find including hiring foreign coaches,” added Sidek.

“We need to improve our capabilities in men’s singles through our existing players. As a head coach, I will continue to study and to analyze our strength and weaknesses and working with BAM to improve our men’s singles team,” said Sidek.


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