Lee Chong Wei is optimistic about cancer recovery

Lee Chong Wei vows to keep fighting in bid to return to badminton early next year. (photo: AFP)
Lee Chong Wei vows to keep fighting in bid to return to badminton early next year. (photo: AFP)

Kuala Lumpur: Since arrived home on October 7th and after spending more than two months in Taiwan undergoing treatment for his early stage nose cancer, Malaysia’s badminton legend Lee Chong Wei has granted New Straits Times his first media interview on Thursday to chat about his condition following the medical treatment.

He told the Malaysian newspaper that he was shocked to learn that he had cancer, but he started looking for medical attention right away and remained optimistic throughout the treatment process.

Lee said that he has no plan to go back to Taiwan for a follow-up medical checkup as he has been keeping the doctors in Taiwan informed about his recovery progress. He also revealed that it is possible that he may return to the court as early as February next year.

“It all depends if I could get permission from the doctors, but definitely not this year. However, it is possible that I may return to court in February next year, but again it all depends on my recovery progress and how my body response to the treatment,” said Lee.

The 36-year-old also said that his immune system is still weak and may be vulnerable to infection. Therefore, he is trying to limit his public appearance. He also thanked his fans for all the warm-hearted get well wishes and birthday greetings, and asked his fans to keep praying for him to provide all of the strength he needed to win this off-court battle.

Note to Lee Chong Wei:
As much as we would like to see you play, we really hope you are having enough rest and relaxation. Whether or not you can win the Olympic gold medal or the World Championships, that’s not important anymore.

You have inspired us with a lot of incredible badminton moments throughout your career — some moments that made us cheer, or gasp in shock or even cry with emotion.

Keeping your body healthy and strong, for us, that’s the real, real victory!

Hope each day finds you stronger and full of joy. God Bless You.


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