Kenny Goh faces tough challenge as BAM battles to revive Malaysian badminton

Kenny Goh to rejoin BAM as secretary general. (photo: Goh Thean Howe)
Kenny Goh to rejoin BAM as secretary general. (photo: Goh Thean Howe)

Kuala Lumpur: Kenny Goh, who is set to rejoin Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) on September 2 as BAM’s secretary-general, facing enormous challenge in rebuilding the Malaysian badminton team.

Goh, who will also take over the chairmanship of the coaching and training committee (CNT) vacated by BAM’s former secretary-general, Ng Chin Chai, admitted that his priority at BAM would be to either improve the existing programs or to build new programs.

“Of course the overall result was very disappointing as we continued to lose at the World Championships,” said Goh.

According to Goh, BAM has few other talented players that could still potentially be world-class players.

“There are young players that I want them to think they still have a chance to shine,” added Goh.

Malaysia’s World No. 13 and 21-year-old Lee Zii Jia, made a strong performance after advancing to the quarterfinals of the World Championships last week before losing to the eventual champion, Kento Momota.

The 22-year-old Aaron Chia, and 21-year-old Soh Wooi Yik were among some of the best young players in the current BAM squad.

Kenny Goh left BAM four years ago to become the Chief Operation Officer of Badminton Asia Confederation.


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