Chou Tien Chen plays badminton with frying pan

Chou Tien Chen is having fun playing badminton with fry pan. (photo:
Chou Tien Chen is having fun playing badminton with fry pan. (photo:

Taipei: World No. 2 men’s singles player Chou Tien Chen was reaping the benefits of temporary cancellation of all international tournaments due to coronavirus concerns, by doing volunteer work for social causes.

He went to a primary school in New Taipei City on Thursday to share his life stories with the students, showing them how to relax their bodies after an intensive tournament. Most importantly, he also put on a show by having a friendly match with the principal of the school using a frying pan and an electric mosquito swatter.

Chou told the students that even though he is now ranked World No. 2, but it didn’t come easy. Throughout his career, he had experienced a 10-game losing streak. He told the students how to handle sports pressure, and how he climbed back up after hitting the rock-bottom of his career. Chou was hoping the students would feel inspired and encouraged by his stories.

The 30-year-old also said that the most memorable match that he has ever played was the 2015 Chinese Taipei Open Grand Prix Gold semi-final, where he defeated Lin Dan 21-19, 18-21, 21-16 in front of 10,000 home crowd.


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