Wong Choong Hann understands Lee Zii Jia’s Frustration As Uncertainty Lingers

Wong Choong Hann remains hopeful despite COVID-19 concerns. (photo: BAM)
Wong Choong Hann remains hopeful despite COVID-19 concerns. (photo: BAM)

Kuala Lumpur: Even though Lee Zii Jia led Team A to win the President’s Cup on September 17, Lee told Malaysian media that he was struggling to stay motivated as he was uncertain when he could return to international tournaments any time soon.

However, coaching director of the Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) saw the situation as something positive because Lee Zii Jia was open to sharing the real situation he was facing at the moment.

“It proves we have a player mature enough to share his feelings and thoughts about his physical and mental condition,” said Wong.

“At the same time, it shows that our players are open to discussions about their games and open to accepting suggestions,” added Wong.

“This is better than players not wanting to face or admit there is a problem,” continued Wong.

Meanwhile, Wong also acknowledged that players were disappointed after the postponement of the 2020 Thomas and Uber Cup finals. BAM also decided not to send any players to participate at the Denmark Open, scheduled in Odense, from Oct 13-18.

However, World No. 15 men’s doubles pair, Teo Ee Yi/Ong Yew Sin have yet to withdraw from Denmark Open, as Teo and Ong would probably make their final decision in the next couple of days.

“Of course, we are concern about COVID-19 in Europe as well. But we are going to discuss it with our sponsors. They would need to see if it’s worth sending us there,” said Teo.


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