Lee Chong Wei Celebrates 38th Birthday

Lee Chong Wei celebrates 38th birthday with his wife and two sons. (photo: Lee Chong Wei's Facebook)
Lee Chong Wei celebrates 38th birthday with his wife and two sons. (photo: Lee Chong Wei's Facebook)

Kuala Lumpur: Lee Chong Wei, the legend, the hero, and one of the greatest badminton players of all time, turned 38 on Wednesday, October 21st.

Lee, the three-time Olympics silver medallist, also a father of two cute boys and a lovely husband.

Although Lee has retired from the sport for about 16 months, many badminton fans still sent him happy birthday wishes on his social media pages.

Lee also posted on his social media accounts and wished everyone good health and to stay healthy.

“Birthday tahun ni agak special. Covid datang lagi. Travelling tak dapat. Badminton tak jadi. Party tak lepas. Air paip kering! Tapi mungkin sebab itulah minda tenang, dapat saya betol-betol ambil masa menghargai suara anak-anak ketawa. Senyuman isteri. Sembang nakal dengan Mak. Kebahagiaan hidup simple sebenarnya, kan?
Hajat hari jagi ChongWei tahun ni, semoga semua kawan-kawan sihat-sejahtera, bersabar dan berhappy-happy, bersama-sama kita kasi tewaskan Covid. Biar tamak sikit tahun special ni, semoga perkhimatan bekalan air negara ditingkatkan, dan kestabilan politik negara.
Terima kasih kepada semua yg mendoakan sempena sambutan ulangtahun kelahiran
🎂🎂🎂 D’Sabroso
Had a blessed simple birthday celebration with family. A simple yet meaningful one.
A Covid affected birthday. No travelling. No badminton. No party. No water. Yet, it made me reflect on little simple things in life which is adequate to signify happiness. Kids laughter. Wife’s smile. Small chats with mum. Life shouldn’t be too complicated after all, isn’t it?
My birthday wish? Definitely health and happiness to everyone out there, and together we will bring down Covid. If I can have a second wish, it will be either water supply reliability be improved, or Malaysia’s politics stabilized. Greedy hoh but who cares. Lastly thank you for all your birthday wishes, much appreciated!


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