BAM Mixed Team Championships: Lee Zii Jia shines to lead Terminators over Dominators

Lee Zii Jia takes Terminators over Dominators at the BAM Mixed Team Championships. (photo: Bernama)
Lee Zii Jia takes Terminators over Dominators at the BAM Mixed Team Championships. (photo: Bernama)

Kuala Lumpur: The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) Mixed Team Championships saw the Terminators and Avengers team top the first day of the challenge which took place at the Academy Badminton Malaysia (ABM) Bukit Kiara, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

World No. 10 men’s singles player Lee Zii Jia, World No. 14 women’s doubles player Chow Mei Kuan and World No. 39 women’s doubles player Pearly Tan combined to give the Terminators a 7-4 win over Dominators on Monday, while the Avengers competed fiercely before winning 6-5 over the Transformers.

Terminators’ campaign started with a loss when Low Hang Yee/Nurfirdaus Azman lost 7-15, 12-15 to the hands of Aaron Chia/Ng Eng Cheong, before Chow Mei Kuan/Pearly Tan gave Terminators their first point by defeating M. Thinaah/Teoh Mei Xing 15-11, 15-12.

The Dominators took a 2-1 lead after Hoo Pang Roon/Shevon Lai won 15-13, 8-15, 11-5 over Chen Tang Jie/Lai Pei Jing in the first mixed doubles match.

Ong Zhen Yi then defeated Ong Ken Yon 15-9, 15-13 in the first men’s singles match to level the score at 2-2.

Soniia Cheah gave Dominators a 3-2 lead after a 15-9, 15-10 win over Lee Ying Ying in the women’s singles match. However, in the second mixed doubles match, Muhd ​​Haikal Nazri/Low Yeen Yuan of Terminators managed to tie the overall score at 3-3 after overcoming Goh Boon Zhe/Cheng Su Yin 15-12, 16-14.

The Terminators race to a 5-3 led when Lee Shun Yang defeated Lim Chong King in the second men’s singles match with 15-12, 15-14 before Siti Nurshuhaini contributed another point for the Terminators when she outlasted Tan Zhing Yi 15-14, 15- 14 in the second women’s singles.

Lee Zii Jia then calmly contributed the sixth Terminators points after defeating Ng Tze Yong 15-10, 15-13.

“The main purpose of this competition is to build and nurture relationships between the senior and junior players,” said Lee Zii Jia.

“I am confident with my teammates, we are going to give our best,” added Lee.

Dominators were able to close the gap at 4-6 when Aaron Chia, Lwi Sheng Hao, Ng Eng Cheong won the men’s three-on-three contest 15-13, 13-15, 11-9 over Goh Soon Huat, Low Han Yee, and Wyman Goh of Terminators.

However, the female trio of Chow Mei Kuan, Lai Pei Jing, and Pearly Tan secured the seventh point for Terminators after defeating M Thinaah, Teoh Mei Xing, and Yap Cheng Wen 15-11, 15-14 in the women’s three-on-three contest.

“The competition is fun because it’s hard to predict the line-up for each team,” said Aaron Chia from the Dominators.

“I know Dominators is the least famous movie compared to the other three but we are not going down without a fight,” added Chia.


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