Chin Eei Hui reunites with Chan Peng Soon and Goh Liu Ying

Chan Peng Soon and Goh Liu Ying eager to reunite with Chin Eei Hui. (photo: AFP)
Chan Peng Soon and Goh Liu Ying eager to reunite with Chin Eei Hui. (photo: AFP)

Kuala Lumpur: Chin Eei Hui, Chan Peng Soon, and Goh Liu Ying, the coach, and players that helped Malaysia to win its first Olympic mixed doubles silver medal in Rio De Janeiro in 2016 have been reunited again.

On the first day of 2021, the Li Ning team in Malaysia announced that Chin has signed a one year contract with the team, serving as the coach for Chan/Goh, and two other men’s doubles pairs, including Teo Ee Yi/Ong Yew Sin and Goh V Shem/Tan Wee Kiong. Her current goal would be to help them qualify for the Tokyo Olympics.

“I am excited to get to coach Peng Soon and Liu Ying again. I’ll set up a completely different training program for them once they qualified for the Olympics,” said Chin to Malaysian media.

“Coaching men’s doubles is a new challenge for me. I must do more homework and analyze the strength and weaknesses of different opponents,” added Chin.

Meanwhile, Chan Peng Soon seemed surprised by the arrangement.

“I didn’t see this coming, but we are excited about this arrangement. Eei Hui and we are very passionate about achieving good results,” said Chan.

“It won’t be hard to get used to her training style as we had trained by her for many years at BAM,” added Chan.

Chan Peng Soon/Goh Liu Ying, Goh V Shem/Tan Wee Kiong, and Teo Ee Yi/Ong Yew Sin will travel to Thailand in few days to participate in 3 back-to-back tournaments that will be held in Bangkok. Since Chin just joined the team, it’s too late for her to complete all necessary paperwork, but she will be arranging some training programs for the pairs when they return from Bangkok.


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