BWF Announces The Addition of Four New World Tour Tournaments Between 2023 – 2026

BWF adds four new World Tour tournaments with a few being upgraded to higher-level events. (photo: BWF)
BWF adds four new World Tour tournaments with a few being upgraded to higher-level events. (photo: BWF)

Kuala Lumpur: The Badminton World Federation (BWF) has made new changes to the total number of World Tour tournaments for the 2023-2026 period, by adding a new World Tour Super 500 tournament in each of these countries – Japan, Canada, Finland, and Australia. Here are the current BWF World Tour Super 500 events which are taking place in Hong Kong, Indonesia, Korea, Malaysia, and Thailand.

Besides those four new Super 500 tournaments, BWF also will move the Malaysia Open from the Super 750 level to the Super 1000, joining the All England Open, China Open, and Indonesia Open.

Both India and Singapore Open will be promoted to the 750 level to be the same level as China Open, Denmark Open, France Open, and Japan Open.

Meanwhile, the HYLO Open and Orléans Masters have been upgraded to the Super 300 level.

“We were very encouraged by the large number of high-quality bids we received and that bodes well for a bigger and better tour across the next four years. It enables us to commit to higher prize money, greater coverage on television and online, and spectacular presentation, all contributing to an enhanced world-class sports product that we seek,” said BWF secretary general Thomas Lund.

The following is the list of BWF World Tour tournaments (without Super 100) in 2023-2026:
Super 1000
1. All England
2. Indonesia Open
3. China Open
4. Malaysia Open

Super 750
1. China Masters
2. India Open
3. Japan Open
4. Singapore Open
5. Denmark Open
6. French Open

Super 500
1. Indonesia Masters
2. Thailand Open
3. Malaysia Masters
4. Findland Open
5. Australian Open
6. Canada Open
7. Hong Kong Open
8. Korea Open
9. Japan (official name TBD)

Super 300
1. Thailand Masters
2. Spain Masters
3. US Open
4. Korea Masters
5. German Open
6. Hylo Open
7. Swiss Open
8. Taipei Open
9. New Zealand Open
10. France (official name TBD)
11. India (official name TBD)


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