Lee Chong Wei Celebrates Turning 40 with Family and Friends

Happy 40th birthday to Lee Chong Wei. (photo: Lee Chong Wei's Facebook)
Happy 40th birthday to Lee Chong Wei. (photo: Lee Chong Wei's Facebook)

Kuala Lumpur: It’s really hard to believe that the badminton legend from Malaysia – Lee Chong Wei has turned 40 because he still looks like a 20-something badminton superstar with insane physical conditioning.

Malaysia’s prime minister – Ismail Sabri Yaakob on Friday greeted the former World No. 1 with the following message:

“Happy birthday’ legenda badminton negara Datuk Wira @LeeChongWei

Seorang legenda badminton yang menjulang nama negara ke persada dunia.”

The Badminton Association of Malaysia (BAM) also posted a message to congratulate Lee on his 40th birthday.

“Best wishes to our G.O.A.T Datuk Wira Lee Chong Wei 李宗伟 ❤️

Meanwhile, Friday was also one of Lee’s unforgettable birthdays as Lee posted a video of him, his wife, Wong Mew Choo, his two kids, and other family members attending a gender reveal party for his third child. Based on the video, looks like his third child will be a sweet and loving boy 🙂

“BESTest birthday present to mark the start of my 4 series journey! Thank you Wife. Thank you everybody for your blessings. 最美好的生日礼物,全家期待迷你李平安到来❤️”

Later Friday, Lee shared glimpses from his birthday party that showed a cool birthday cake alongside his lovely wife, kids, family, and friends.

Lee penned a heartfelt note on his social media which read:

“It’s my 40th birthday. It’s a bliss to have family and friends celebrating for me. My wish is for happiness and good health for all. Semoga semua sihat selamat.”


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