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HIRING OF LOCAL COACHES: Ex-internationals applaud faith shown by BAM

FORMER internationals Kwan Yoke Meng and Yap Kim Hock welcomed the BA of Malaysia's (BAM) move to give local coaches the chance to plot the course of the national team after the attempt to hire Morten Frost Hansen as the director of coaching has fallen short.

BAM has no choice but to shift attention to local candidates after Frost had apparently asked for a monthly salary of RM100,000, and the association is set to initiate a move to bring Misbun Sidek back as the supremo of the national team.

Yoke Meng, who served as the national singles coach in the 1990s, supported the move to give local coaches the opportunity but he also felt that it would be good to get a person who can can manage the team while the coaches should be solely allowed to focus on improving the performance of the players.

"It will be good if a local can become the director of coaching and I support BAM's faith in one of our local coaches for the top job," said Yoke Meng.

"Misbun is one of the most senior coaches and has a lot of experience. He gives his everything when it comes to coaching and has the ability to help the young players to progress into established internationals. He has a proven record.

"Managing the team needs different skills where the person liaises with the BAM management and also other bodies like the National Sports Council and National Sports Institute.

"I feel that the coaches should be allowed to concentrate fully on the performances of the players as additional managerial role would affect their main focus."

Kim Hock, the last person to become chief coach, 2005-2007 (BAM abolished the position after that), said a local coach has an advantage as he understands the working environment under BAM and also the characteristics of the national shuttlers.

"It is a good move to offer the top job to a local coach. Local coaches understand Malaysia's strengths and weaknesses and BAM must identify the right candidate who has the commitment and desire to bring our badminton to a higher level again," said Kim Hock.

"Misbun is very experienced and has a strong coaching credentials and wil be an asset to the national team. I can't say more linking him to the position with the director of coaching as it will depend on what BAM management has in mind about the future plans."

Kim Hock, himself, has applied for a job as a national doubles coach and BAM is likely to make a decision after the All England next month.

There is a strong possibility Kim Hock could return as one of the national coaches while Misbun, if he agrees, will rejoin BAM but it remains to be seen if he is keen on taking up the offer as the director of coaching.

As Yoke Meng pointed out, Misbun's passion is to work closely with the players rather than managing them. He had often voiced his reluctance in becoming the chief coach on previous occasions.

The ball is at BAM's court where opening the door for the former coaches alone may not be enough as the association must also make a wise choice on their job scope, so that they can contribute effectively to the national team.



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