Goh V Shem returns from knee injury

Wish Goh V Shem (left) and Tan Wee Kiong a successful 2015

Kuala Lumpur: After sitting out for two months due to knee injury, Malaysia’s men’s doubles ace Goh V Shem has returned to training and could make his long-awaited comeback as early as January 2015.Wish Goh V Shem (left) and Tan Wee Kiong a successful 2015

“After two months off, I’ve began my training this week. It felt so good to start hitting the shuttlecocks again,” said V Shem.

“With few more weeks of intensive training, I should be back in shape, and will be ready for next year’s Malaysian Open GPG in Kuching, starting Jan 13 to 18” added V Shem.

Goh V Shem and Tan Wee Kiong face uphill battle in their attempt to qualify for the 2016 Olympics as they are currently ranked 114th in the world, and they would have to break into world top 16 by May,6, 2016 in order to qualify for the Olympics.

Even with little time left for the pair prior to the 2016 Olympics, V Shem was determined that he and Wee Kiong could rise to the challenge.

“I think it’s time for the men’s doubles to step up. Wee Kiong and I will need to be stable and we will try to win at least one Superseries title next year.”


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