Park Joo-bong wishes Lee Chong Wei good luck before BWF hearing

Park Joo-bong was the King of men's doubles from late 80's to mid 90's

Kuala Lumpur: Japan’s badminton head coach Park Joo-bong was looking forward to another Lee Chong Wei-Lin Dan match up at the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, and was hoping to hear good news from Lee Chong Wei’s Badminton World Federation hearing (BWF) that will be held in Amsterdam, April 11.Park Joo-bong was the King of men's doubles from late 80's to mid 90's


Speaking to reporters at the Malaysia Open, the former Olympic gold medalist said if Lee Chong Wei is found guilty after the hearing, he wished Lee should only be suspended for six months or less.

“All badminton fans want to see the epic battle between Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan at the Rio Olympics especially that will probably be their last Olympics. We all hope he can get past these hurdles and come back to play badminton again,” said Park.

When informed by reporters that even if Lee Chong Wei is being cleared of taking banned drug and his suspension is being lifted, there is concern that Lee Chong Wei still wouldn’t able to qualify for this year’s World Championships that will be held in Jakarta, because he has not competed since 5 months ago and has slipped down to 16 in the world rankings. Park responded that under those circumstances, BWF should give Lee a wild card entry for the World Championships.

“Why can’t Lee Chong Wei be given a wild card? If BWF could give Lin Dan a wild card for the 2013 Guangzhou World Championships, BWF should award a wild card to Lee Chong Wei for the Jakarta World Championships too,” added Park.

Park Joo-bong also expressed his disappointment at the decline in quality of shuttlers from Malaysia and Indonesia.

“Malaysia and Indonesia used to be the powerhouses in badminton, I hope they could bounce back, and that would be great for the sport of badminton.”

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