When Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan turned actors

Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan have a ton of respect for each other.

Jinjiang: Many great athletes have leapt from sport to screen to find movie stardom. In the official launch ceremony of a badminton related movie called “I’m the Hero” on Tuesday in Jinjiang of China, Lee Chong Wei together with his on-the-court nemesis and off-the-court friend, Lin Dan were looking oh so handsome and as sharp as ever.Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan have a ton of respect for each other.

The fans couldn’t stop laughing when Lee Chong Wei and Lin Dan were seen holding hands on the red carpet. Both of them will also make cameo appearances in the movie.

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Chinese badminton Chief coach Li Yongbo also brought pretty much the entire Chinese national team with him to the ceremony. Players such as Chen Long, Fu Haifeng, Cai Yun, Li Xuerui, Wang Yihan, Wang Shixian; coaches such as Zhang Ning and Chen Jin and retired shuttler Bao Chunlai were all there to show their support.

The story of the movie is about a badminton genius who had to overcome countless obstacles to eventually risen to the highest levels of badminton achievement.

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