Carolina Marin: I’m Cristiano Ronaldo in Indonesia

Carolina Marin is undoubtedly a highly talented player in the badminton world. (photo: GettyImages)

Spain: Carolina Marin who has taken the badminton world by storm and has single handedly put Spain on world map of badminton, became a popular figure in Spain thanks large part to more television networks began broadcasting her games.

“In Indonesia, I am already like Cristiano Ronaldo,” Marin jokingly told Spain media.Carolina Marin is undoubtedly a highly talented player in the badminton world. (photo: GettyImages)

Two-time world champion Carolina Marin of Spain took her sixth title of the year at the Hong Kong Open about a month ago, has posed a real threat to the Asian women’s shuttlers, especially China and Indonesia who have dominated the women’s singles since the 80’s.

“Life has changed a lot since I won my first World Championships in 2014. TV started to broadcast my games, and more people recognize me on the street.”

“I remember that not too long ago I went into a stadium in Madrid, someone looked at me and said I looked like Carolina Marin. Frankly, that was unthinkable few years ago,” said Marin.

“On the other hand, it’s quite common for people to recognize me on the street in Indonesia, people constantly asked me to take pictures with them, I am like Cristiano Ronaldo over there,” Marin said with a laugh.

Born in Huelva town of Spain. She was a Flamenco dancer, a famous dance form in her town. She wanted to be a Flamenco dancer but her destiny had other big plans for her. One day her best friend of school asked her to try a new sport so she went with her & practiced this new sport. It was first encounter of 8 year old Marin with badminton and the rest is history.

Marin told the Spain media that there were a few moments which were truly unforgettable for her after she won her second World Championships in August this year. “I received congratulation messages from Rafael Nadal, Pau Gasol, Alejandro Sanz and many more who contacted me by phone together with thousands more who congratulated me on Twitter,” said Marin.

With the 2016 Olympic Games approaching, winning a medal in Olympics remains an ultimate goal for her career. As for now, Carolina Marin will take few days off to wind down her holiday before getting ready for her 2016 training camp.


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