Carsten Mogensen shows steady recovery after brain surgery

Carsten Mogensen and Mie Sknov are such a lovely couple! Hope they can get through this difficult time asap! (photo: AFP)

Kazan: Denmark’s World No. 3 men’s doubles player Carsten Mogensen is on the road to recovery after a twelve-day hospital stay, though he is yet to return to full health.Carsten Mogensen and Mie Sknov are such a lovely couple! Hope they can get through this difficult time asap! (photo: AFP)

The 32-year-old was hospitalized after being struck with a life-threatening ruptured brain aneurysm on February 18th while participating at the 2016 European Men’s & Women’s Team Championships, and was rushed to a hospital in Kazan, Russia to undergo brain surgery.

In a very encouraging Facebook post on Monday by his men’s doubles partner – Mathias Boe, he reassured badminton fans that Carsten Mogensen is making significant improvement, and would probably able to fly back to Denmark this week.

“Just finished a brief phone call with Carsten. He is in a much better condition now, than when I left him on Tuesday, it’s was actually possible to have a conversation with him. The plan is still to fly him back home later this week, where he gets admitted to a hospital for a few weeks. He seems positive and ready for a fight of Olympic dimensions”.

Sports Director of the Danish Badminton Association Finn Trærup who was responsible for making all kinds of arrangements since the incident took place, has also returned to Denmark on Monday.

“It’s been eleven days since Carsten Mogensen underwent surgery. There are ups and downs, but he took a step forward in recovering from brain surgery. His situation is stable and he is out of the critical phase,” Finn Trærup writes on Facebook.

“I already got everything set up to fly him home. His family and the physiotherapist will be with him until he can return home,” added Finn Trærup.

Mogensen’s girlfriend, Mie Skov, a former world-class table tennis player and their 8-month-old baby son are by his side in the Kazan hospital. Denmark’s team physiotherapist Marlene Vestergaard, who has been responsible for Carsten Mogensen’s rehabilitation since the operation will fly home with Mogensen and his family whenever circumstances allowed.


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