Carsten Mogensen: I survived ‘toughest fight of my life’

Carsten Mogensen and his girlfriend Mie Skov during the interview. (photo: TV2, Go' aften Danmark)

Copenhagen: Carsten Mogensen and his girlfriend Mie Skov attended Denmark’s talk show on TV 2 called “Go’ aften Danmark” to speak publicly for the first time since being taken to hospital for brain surgery following a ruptured aortic aneurysms in his brain during the European Men’s Team Championship in Kazan in February.Carsten Mogensen and his girlfriend Mie Skov during the interview. (photo: TV2, Go' aften Danmark)


On the moment after his life threatening illness, the former World No. 1 men’s doubles player admitted he was struggling on getting back to normal life and returning to the sport of badminton.

“I woke up that morning wanted to get dressed. However, after I got up, I realized something was not right, because half of my body was not responding,” said Mogensen.Carsten Mogensen in the hospital. (photo: TV2, Go' aften Danmark)

Mogensen immediately knew something serious had happened to him. He quickly called out to his girlfriend – Mie Skov, a former world-class table tennis player.

“Suddenly there was silence on the other end of the line and he told me he’ll call back,” said Skov.

“I was helpless. I could do nothing but wait for a callback from Carsten,” added Skov.

After not playing for about 4 months, Carsten Mogensen made a miracle comeback from the horrible illness to reach the Indonesia Open second round together with his men’s doubles partner Mathias Boe in early June.

“I want to be able to decide for myself when I will end my career. Even though the incident in Kazan was the toughest challenge of my life, but it won’t stop me from keep playing badminton,” said Mogensen.

“We are closer than ever after the incident,” added Skov.

Carsten Mogensen and Mathias Boe are currently competing at the US Open, in El Monte, California.


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